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Waterproof flooring and SPC

Not so long ago, the only choice you had if you wanted a waterproof flooring was tile. Now you have more choices, including SPC (stone plastic composite) floors, which give the ultimate in water and moisture protection.

Michael Flooring Inc. is your one-stop flooring source, with a full inventory of products and services such as skilled installation and interior design consultations.

We’re also, like you, concerned about the environment, so we also carry sustainable items like bamboo and cork. Our showroom is in Bakersfield, CA and we service surrounding areas such as Taft, Tehachapi, Shafter, and Wasco.

The evolution of vinyl

When vinyl sheet was first introduced to the U.S. market in the 1950s, it was highly praised for its durability, easy maintenance, and affordability. It was a little lacking in design options, however. While it was highly water-resistant and almost waterproof, it wasn't completely impervious to liquid.

Then came another, more advanced, version: luxury vinyl which, thanks to technology, had improvements in both durability and design options, resulting in a thicker, completely waterproof product. The designs featured realistic mimics of wood, tile, and stone with a large assortment of bright colors, knots, swirls, and veinings, as well as vivid patterns and various species.

Then technology gifted us again with highly advanced cores: SPC (stone plastic composite) and WPC (wood plastic composite).

What is SPC?

SPC Floors are luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) with the special core, as opposed to the traditional vinyl composite one. A good way to remember this: These floors are always luxury vinyl (LVF), but not all LVF is SPC.

The only difference between WPC and SPC floors is that the latter has a more rigid construction, giving it increased stability and an ability to withstand drops. Falling items, such as pots and pans, won't cause dents. WPC Floors are a little softer and more flexible.

Both, however, won’t peel or ripple, no matter how much or how long they’re exposed to water. That’s a big advantage, especially for those who are away from home for long periods, only to return and find floods and leaks. It is heat resistant and that, with the waterproof capabilities, makes it appropriate for any room, from the laundry to the enclosed porch and it can be used for underfloor heating.